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Seagull Challenger Build Up Kit – Fuselage – Part 3

Posted by Nick on 19th June 2015 Videos 2 Comments

Getting closer, today we get the tail feathers ready, fit the OS 52, and mount up the servos!


  1. Barry says:


    Really enjoying building my Challenger without needing to look at the instructions, as yours are far better and more accurate. I’m on to the fuselage now and in a week or so, be fitting the tail blocks. I see you used a temporary scrap piece of balsa to support the back edges for sanding. How did you fix this support block in place or is it just a snug fit?

    • Nick says:

      I usually use a couple of spots of a medium to thick cyno, it keeps the spacer in place, but doesn’t soak into the wood enough to compromise the fin, and usually just knocks out.