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  1. dan Jones says:

    where did you get the parts to upgrade the tank ?
    the video was brilliant i am buying one of these heng long tigers as we speak

  2. I bought a newer model of a Taigen early production Tiger 1, and was looking to upgrade a few parts on it. In looking for ideas and tutorials I found your channel. You rock! I watched a couple of vids of your TIger 1 upgrades and I was immediately hooked on your channel. Thanks for putting out this content because it really is the best I’ve found!

  3. jeff wolf says:

    Good morning! I have a question for you. I just put a Taigen modified lower chassis on a HengLong Upper like one of your viedos suggested. I got it all put back together and everything works with one exception. On the radio, the R/H joystick is now reversed. Up is reverse and down is forward, etc. I thought you might be able to shed some light on which wires I crossed with this issue. Thank you.