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Fusion Enigma NX80P Battery Charger Review

Posted by Chris on 24th November 2011 Reviews No Comments
Fusion Enigma NX80P Charger

Today we are taking a look at a new battery charger which is now available at various hobby stores across the UK, the Fusion Enigma NX80 Pro. After the break read our full review, watch our HD video analysis  and find out if the Fusion lives up to the ‘Pro’ tag in it’s name.

Fusion Features

The Fusion comes packed in a standard cardboard box, which lists all the major features on the outside. The feature which is the most eye catching is the capability of charging from either a 12v battery in the field/track and straight from the mains at the club or in your hobby room at home.

Let’s quickly touch on the main features of the Fusion. The NX80P can charge NiCad and NiMh battery packs, ranging from 4 to 8 cells. The charge rate is user selectable but is not manually adjustable, instead there are 5 preset charge rates (0.8A, 1.5A, 3A, 5A ) when the Fusion is set to fast charge.

Fusion Enigma NX80 Pro Box

As you would expect these days peak detection is automatic, and when peak is detected the NX switches over to a automatic trickle charge.

In the box you are supplied with the IEC mains lead (aka kettle lead) and ‘Tamiya’ style battery connection leads, with banana plugs on the other end which you insert into the right of the unit. Hard wired to the unit are the crocodile owed connectors, it would of been nice for these to be unpluggable like the battery leads.

Fusion Enigma NX80 Pro

Aesthetically speaking the NX80P is actually relatively nice on the eye, even though at first glance it can resemble a small games console from the past. The quality of the plastic is better than most chargers at this very price point. It doesn’t feel like it will fall apart anytime soon. The lcd screen is clear to read and glows a cool blue/purple colour.

The user manual is reasonably well written and concise  though relatively short and too the point (not always a bad thing) The most useful feature of the manual is the flow chart of the lcd menu structure which makes it a doddle to figure out where you actually are within the menu system.

Charging Performance

When you first power up the NX80P you are welcomed by an annoying little 80s jingle, and displayed on the lcd screen is a symbol for NiMH charging mode and a voltage reading of zero.

When you connect your NiMH or NiCad battery pack, the current battery voltage is displayed. To cycle between NiMH and NiCad charge the user has to press the settings button. Pressing and holding the settings button allows you to cycle through the predefined charge rates for the current chosen charge type. Pressing and holding the settings button once more will begin charging using your selected settings.

Fusion Enigma NX80 Pro close up

During charging various information can be accessed, including time elapsed, current battery voltage, charge current and milliamp hour.

We have been using the NX80 for the past few weeks and can report that it does everything it says it can. It charges NiMH and NiCad to a respectable level and stays relatively cool during charging.


The Fusion NX80P is a good entry ‘hobby’ level battery charger. It is a sensible step in the right direction if you are starting to get more involved within this fantastic hobby.

For the guy or gal wanting a better performing charger a respectable price, the Fusion NX80P is good value for money with a sensible feature set.

Rating StarRating StarRating StarWe rated this product 3 out of 5.

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