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Savox SC0252MG Servo Review

Posted by Chris on 25th November 2011 Reviews No Comments
Savox Servo SC-0252MG

Savox probably aren’t the first brand that comes to mind when you start to consider servo options for your latest RC project.We’re going to take a look at this new option and see if it can live with it’s well established competition and be a valid alternative to the likes of Futaba and Hitec.

First Impressions

We know unboxing a servo is never the most exciting part of ownership, but we really must point out that the clear plastic reusable box that this Savox servo is sold in, is utterly fantastic and a good size for keeping your little tools in, a suitable pocket sized pit box for that cross wrench.

Savox Servo SC-0252MG

Included with the servo are a selection of servo arms and servo screws, Savox decal sheets with logos and decals with channel numbers on.

Savox Servo SC-0252MG


The SC-0252MG is a standard sized servo with Futaba type splines and a JR type servo connector. It is far better spec’d than it’s price point would have you believe and good value for money as it contains full metal gears with ball raced output shaft.  The 0252MG feels solid in the hand, and weighs in at 49g which is on par with it’s competitors.

Savox Servo SC-0252MG

Experienced eyes will see that the servo has anti-vibration mounts which are normally only used on model plane servos this should be expected as this servo is marketed for all RC types but is still a welcome addition on a unit of this budget.


We’ve used it in our Ansmann Macnum which we’re currently reviewing and the Savox provides  fast enough steering speed, and seems to have loads of power spare,  it can easily push the whole model away from a wall when made to. It is  powerful enough to be suitable for bashing with a 2.2 tyre sized truck such as a Traxxas Stampede or a 1.9/2.2 crawling rig but you may be pushing it’s capabilities if you were to install it on a model using Clod Buster wheels/tyres.

Savox Servo SC0252MG in Ansmann Macnum


Savox may have just changed our minds when it comes to our servo purchasing. The SC-0252MG delivers everything it’s competitors do at nearly half the price. We can’t really fault it. If you’re currently checking out your options for buying a new MG servo for your latest rig, definitely keep Savox in mind.

Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarWe rated this product 4 out of 5.

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