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Modelsport Sniper RV-20 Auto ESC Review

Posted by Chris on 27th November 2011 Reviews No Comments
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Modelsport are one of the UK’s most popular online model shops and have recently started to sell their own speed controllers which are manufactured by Mtroniks in the UK. These ESCs are perfect for the garden or car park basher.  After the break read our review of the Modelsport Sniper RV-20 Auto speed control.


The Sniper RV-20 Auto is a fully waterproof budget orientated electronic speed control with a 20 turn brushed motor limit that makes a perfect upgrade for brushed 27 turn ready to run kits.  We’ve recently fitted this into our Ansmann Macnum which we’re currently reviewing and it suits this type of application perfectly.

It comes pre-fitted with Tamiya style battery connectors so will work with all your standard stick packs. The receiver connector is JR style which fits in JR and Futaba style sockets.


The RV-20 comes with an instruction sheet with an easy to understand picture of how your motor, battery, receiver and new ESC should be connected and a good breakdown of features and step by step guides.

Auto Calibration

The one feature you won’t find included with the Sniper are buttons. Auto calibrating speed controls are currently the in thing and for casual bashers it’s a fantastic feature.

I’ve owned many speed controls which employ this feature and  when you’re constantly switching electronics between your models it really is a time saver.  For anyone else it makes for a true plug-n-play feature which also removes any chance of user error.


Electronic speed controllers like the RV-20 should just work. They should be true plug-n-play and require the minimal amount of effort and frustration to get up and running.  Does the Sniper score on both of this? Yes it does. The only small glitch we have noticed when running is to make sure your throttle is neutral on power up and you move forwards first, otherwise the auto calibration can do some rather funny things.


Make sure you check out our Ansmann Macnum review for further info about how the Modelsport Sniper RV-20 Auto performed when put through it’s paces!

Rating StarRating StarRating StarWe rated this product 3 out of 5.

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