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Beginners Guide to RC LED Lighting

Posted by Chris on 2nd February 2012 How-tos , Videos 2 Comments

There is a huge amount of misinformation about RC lights, specifically the magic voodoo more commonly known as electronics. In this video we take you through the basics of wiring up LEDs, working out resistor values, and Ohms law and some tips on soldering up your first custom RC LED light circuit.


  1. Unclenos says:

    Great video showing the basics and explaining easily the resistor requirements for the LEDs
    Looking forward to the more complex lighting kits that you talk about at the start, something to realy get my teeth into.

    • Nick says:

      Since this is going in stages, I’m thinking a simple flasher circuit to emulate the strobe lights that a lot of people go for. Still undecided at the moment though, as I don’t want the jump from leds and a switch to be too great, the learning curve needs to be as smooth as possible.

      If you have any ideas be sure to let us know!