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Yeah Racing Shock Gear 50mm Damper Set Build & Initial Impressions Review

Posted by Chris on 31st January 2014 Reviews 2 Comments

Yeah Racing are a brand which I’m sure many of you know if you’ve ever researched upgrading your favourite Tamiya on-road RC. Today we’re taking a look at a new touring car suspension damper kit from them, the Yeah Racing Shock Gear Aluminium Damper Set for 1:10 Touring Car.

This product was kindly supplied by rcmart.com for review. You can purchase this product here.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Set Box


The Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Kit includes four CNC machined shock bodies with titanium coated suspension shafts and a unique piston design. The kit also contains a plethora of extra components to allow for many tuning options. Included in the box are 4 sets of springs: Super Soft, Soft, Medium and Hard, these are marked with a dab of coloured paint which corresponds to their stiffness. Sticking with the outside of the shock body, the damper body is threaded, and the preload adjusters feature a inner o-ring to prevent it from moving during use.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Set Box Contents

The internal damper components are the usual fair of o-rings and pistons, however this kit contains a special type of piston, named the “Rebound Core System”. Included are 2 different piston types in 3 different hole configurations, allowing for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% rebound rates. The new to us “Rebound Core System” piston feature a V angled hole, this is said to reduce rebound helping to control roll and bounce. The pistons sit on gold titanium coated shafts which look the business, but we’re unsure if the coating will actually help to ensure a super smooth action.

At the top of the shock under the cap sits a small red foam damper,  we haven’t seen this design before and are interested if we notice any improvement during running.

The kit also includes male and female ball ends for mounting to chassis’ which feature a shoulder screw mount as standard.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Set Parts

Also included is 300cst shock oil in a useful sized bottle, more than required to fill just the 4 included shock bodies.

The overall appearance and quality of the components on first impressions are good, the knurled adjusters and shock caps are easy to grip and look professional, and in general seem high quality, the CNC machining of the aluminium parts is a little rough in places, but more than adequate.


Assembly is straight forward if you’ve ever built a set of touring car suspension shocks before, if you haven’t, you may find the included single sheet instructions slightly too simplified, we would like to see a more thorough step by step instruction manual rather than just a exploded diagram to aid newcomers.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Being Filled with Oil

The shocks feature a single o-ring at the bottom of the shock body, these days most shocks utilise a double o-ring design, however the use of a lower spacer and shaft guide may reduce the need for 2 o-rings.

One sticking issue I did come across during assembly, are the rod ends. They are made of a very tough plastic and are hard to screw straight on to the shafts. I would suggest running a screw into the rod end first, as other wise you may mark the shaft while gripping it tightly with pliers, even if you use paper/card as a buffer between the shaft and plier jaws.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Bladder Dampener

The aforementioned bladder damper

A quick tip, when you’re building shocks it’s always a good idea to coat any internal components with a drop of oil before assembly, I usually pop a couple of drops in a small parts bag and drop the o-rings and similar parts in. This just helps to seal these parts before you fill the shock body completely.

The shocks were an enjoyable build, with no e-clips flying across the room (makes a change!) and within an hour I had built all 4.


The Shock-Gear damper kit offers a great alternative to more expensive damping upgrades, as the overall quality of the components and the smooth damping action when built are of a high quality and will provide a real noticeably improvement in the handling of your touring car. As an upgrade from stock friction dampers on most entry level touring car chassis, these shocks provide a good upgrade and also give you plenty of options for tuning if you ever decide to venture on to track.

Yeah Racing Shock Gear Damper Set Fully Assembled

The Yeah Racing Shock-Gear Kit retails for $24.90 (Jan’ 14), and is superb value for money considering what’s included in the kit.

We’ll be installing these dampers on our Tamiya TT-01D, and will be recording a running video on multiple surfaces to see just how good these dampers are when dealing with gravel and a typical British car park.

Stay tuned.


Rating StarRating StarRating StarRating StarWe rated this product 4 out of 5.


  1. Kid Quik says:

    Question: if I use one of the “v” pistons, which way should the “v” side point (up or down)?

    For orientation: up / top is the shorter side of the shock. down / bottom is the longer side of the shock.

    Thanks for the help! 🙂