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JunFac J100210 – CC01 4 Link Kit

Posted by Nick on 31st January 2014 Articles , How-tos 2 Comments

A lot of the accessories you can pick up from model shops, auction sites and cottage industry don’t come with any instructions, which is fine for most experienced builders, but for someone upgrading their first RTR it can be a daunting prospect, so we hope to fill the hole by providing guides one accessory at a time…
For our first full guide we’re going to tackle the JunFac, or is it GMade, 4 link suspension kit with skid plate for the CC-01 Pajero.

This article is unfinished, but since I mentioned it in the related video I thought I’d upload the progress so far…

The Guide

JunFac Links Step 1

JunFac CC01 4 Link - Building the links

JunFac Links Step 2

JunFac CC01 4 Link - Prepping the chassis

JunFac Links Step 3

JunFac CC01 4 Link - Prepping the dampers

JunFac Links Step 4

JunFac CC01 4 Link - Link mounts

JunFac Links Step 5

JunFac CC01 4 Link - Axle Installation


  1. Dennis says:


    Does this conversion kit also fit the CC01 FJ Cruiser?

    • rc_oxo says:

      I used this kit on my FJ40 CC01 – HOWEVER! It has been designed for the Pajero wheelbase, the FJ40 is slightly longer. So in step 4 of the Axle Installation page the link didn’t tuck up under the skid plate like the picture. It ends a few mm behind at the different mount point. Not a show stopper but I was a little confused during the installation until I realised the models were different lengths.