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Cross RC – MC8 – What’s in the box?

Posted by Nick on 22nd June 2014 Articles 2 Comments

So, we’ve been eyeing up the multi axel Cross RC models for ages, but like most people have been wandering if the quality is good enough…
A little while ago we bought one of their trailers to see what the quality is like.

Cross RC Trailer

The Cross RC trailer, check out the videos to see the build!

We liked the way it went together, for the most part the fit and finish was perfectly acceptable, no worse than a lot of kits.
So we decided to get an MC8, might as well go all in right?.. This week it arrived, woo…

Cross RC MC8 box

The box of many things

Cross RC MC8 open box

Oh so many wheels

Now, when we build a kit we tend to build it up pretty much as manufacturer intended, run it, see what need changing and do upgrades bit by bit until we’re happy.

Cross RC MC8 rear axle

Slight misalignment of the end face, but the bearings are nice and straight

Cross RC MC8 front axle

Steering hub, complete with bearings

Surprisingly some of the bits were already assembled, you can see on the axles the general quality is pretty good, the rear has a slight step on the end face, what’s odd though, the bearing slot inside is nicely aligned.

Cross RC MC8 gearbox

Included planetary gearbox

The gearbox is a planetary type, all plastic gears, but with a large contact area, bit stiff to turn, but it’s well greased so I reckon after some running it’ll free up.
The motor is a pretty generic looking 45T, looks ok, enough to get it running if nothing else.

Cross RC MC8 wheel

One of the large quantity of included wheels

The tyres are nice and grippy, firmer than the usual RC4WD jobbies, but this truck is going to weight quite a bit. The hub is plastic and the rings seem to be steel.

Cross RC MC8 body

Flat pack body

And this is the bit i’m looking forward to the most, so many bits of machined plastic. Should be fun 😀

Cross RC MC8 light controller

The included light controller

Even come with a lighting kit, apparently it has indicators, reverse, brakes and of course the headlights. It connects to the steering, throttle and aux channels. Neat.
I’m sure we can do better though, but as I like to at least try all the stuff that comes with the kit I’ll install it and see how it goes.

Cross RC MC8 stickers


Thats what’s in the box, in part 2 we’ll have a look at the chassis, putting it together. Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get going!


  1. eliezer says:

    how did you get to order the mc8 truck kit? i went to the website cross-rc.com but could not find how to purchase it, any info on how to would be great thanks

    • Nick says:

      I’ve been told CrossRC will deal direct if you email them, they ask to do a bank transfer. While I’m sure they’re a trustworthy company I would rather buy with some sort of protection. rocky_models_hk stocks the MC8, you can buy through eBay, or if you would rather buy through a web store Stella Models is a good one to look at.