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JunFac J100210 – CC01 4 Link Kit

Posted by Nick on 31st January 2014 Articles , How-tos 2 Comments

A lot of the accessories you can pick up from model shops, auction sites and cottage industry don’t come with any instructions, which is fine for most experienced builders, but for someone upgrading their first RTR it can be a daunting prospect, so we hope to fill the hole by providing guides one accessory at a time…
For our first full guide we’re going to tackle the JunFac, or is it GMade, 4 link suspension kit with skid plate for the CC-01 Pajero.

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What’s Planned For 2013

Posted by Chris on 26th March 2013 Articles No Comments

First of I need to apologise for the lack of new content that’s been published over the lat 12 months here on the site. As with all side projects every now and then the day job can get in the way and can end up eating all your spare time. I’m however pleased to say that our YouTube Channel has been growing from strength to strength over the last year and we’re slowly but surely growing.

Coming Soon

We’ve got some great content planned for the next few months including a full review and upgrades of  Losi Micro Crawler, the plan is for a total overhaul with a bit of custom fab thrown in allowing for small Lipo’s to be installed. All the parts for this are here, and the first part will be posted soon.

Our Tamiya TT-01 posts have always been popular and always seem to spark discussion, so we’ve got more TT-01 posts coming up. Just this weekend I’ve finished a total rebuild and install of a brushless system and Lipo in my TT-01, look out for the completed build pictures soon.

2013 is going to be an exciting year and we hope you enjoy the new content. Remember to follow us on Twitter to be updated when the new posts are published.

New Project! Mojo’d Tamiya TT-01E Subaru Coming Soon

Posted by Chris on 15th February 2012 Articles 2 Comments
Tamiya TT-01E Project coming soon

We’ve got a brand new RC MOJO project coming your way soon guys. We’re going to take a standard TT-01E and upgrade this popular touring car chassis with the modifications that make a real difference.

After we’ve set the chassis up we’re going to go brushless, watch this space we’ve got loads of new, original Tamiya TT-01E content coming soon!

Hit the read more to see the hi-res.

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Etronix Brushless Reverse Problem Solved

Posted by Nick on 6th February 2012 Articles , How-tos , Videos 2 Comments

We’ve read around the inter webs a few guys ‘n’ gals who are having issues with the Etronix Brushless System, and it’s counterpart the Turnigy TrackStar ESC.

The issue seems to be that the system runs in reverse and seems impossible to correct without somehow disabling reverse as well. We managed to recreate the issue with our Etronix Brushless System and found a logically solution to the problem.

Just follow the steps below in order

  1. Connect the programming card and disable reverse
  2. Connect your ESC to Rx
  3. Set the servo reverse on your Transmitter so forward makes the motor spin
  4. If the car moves backwards reverse any 2 motor wires
  5. Reconnect the ESC to the programming card and reenable reverse

Your system should now hopefully be behaving itself and you will be able to go forwards and backwards!

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